• Sunday Morning 10am

     A worship service is held each Sunday 10am at Te Awamutu with a Communion Service on the first Sunday of each month. Come on in through our foyer and into our lounge area where you will find a friendly buzz and a warm welcome. This leads on though to our worship area where renovations have retained the character of our 100 year old building while creating a user-friendly space. Everyone is welcome to stay for morning tea after the service where the friendly and supportive interaction continues.

    We have a mix of traditions. While we feel comfortable with expected routine, worship styles and theological thinking, we are open to new ideas.

    We value music in our worship and have much musical talent. The organ, piano and guitars are part of Sunday morning worship and we have a choir who have a lot of fun preparing for, and contributing to, worship from time to time. Their enjoyment of what they do is infectious!

    The, at present, small number of children who attend worship have their own sharing time slot in the service and remain in the worship setting with activities to do. If you bring your children to our church they will be welcomed with love and will have a lot of surrogate grandparents!

  • Fourth Friday of the month 6pm

    We hold a more informal service on the last Friday of each month at 6pm at our Te Awamutu church followed by a supplied meal for which a koha is invited. This service has become known as the 'wwwexplore' (we will worship and explore) service and is led by lay worship leaders from our congregation.

  • Reflective Service

    On the first Sunday evening of each month a quiet service of readings, meditations, music and reflection is held at 7pm.

  • Otorohanga Communion Service

    Although the Otorohanga Methodist Church building has been closed, a bi-monthly communion service is held in the home of one of our Otorohanga members. Please check with our presbyter for details of this.

  • Rest home services

    Beattie Home, Otorohanga - we are responsible for leading a service on the last Friday morning of each month.

    Tamahere Eventide Home on the Hamilton/Cambridge Road - our presbyter and two of our lay worship leaders are on the roster for the weekly Sunday afternoon services.

    Highfield Country Estate Retirement Village and Hospital - our presbyter is on the roster of Combined Churches to lead a monthly service.