What We do

praying hands

Prayer Chain

There is a Prayer Chain available for those who would like to be supported in prayer, or to have a family member or friend supported in this way.
Pastoral Care is an important part of who we are as a church.  Much of it happens quietly and behind the scenes and there is a Pastoral Care Group who work on being aware of and meeting pastoral care needs.
Contact: 07 8569254

TeAwamutuMWF table

Methodist Women's Fellowship

Our Methodist Women's Fellowship meets monthly on the fourth Thursday afternoon. They enjoy a variety of speakers and run a sales table and a used stamps collection  They also contribute from their funds to support families in need, contribute to our church's share of the financing of the Annual Light Party (Our Community)  and support the annual national MWF Special Objective
Contact:  07 8718560


Diner's Group

A Diner's Group, made up mainly of people who live alone, meet on the first Saturday of each month to enjoy good food and company at a café in or within driving distance of Te Awamutu. They have much fun checking out all the options and car pool to provide transport for any who want to go.
Contact:  07 8713276

Coffee on the Street

Coffee on the Street happens each Wednesday morning at 10.30 at a local cafe.  Everyone is welcome to come along for a cuppa and a chat.  Contact our presbyter Rev Shelley Walker Contact Us to find out which cafe it is at in a particular week.